About People Solutions & Brainfood

People Solutions began in October 2004, and became a leading learning solutions company in South Africa. We believe firmly that human resources drive the success of a business.

People are essential and competitive differentiators in knowledge and skills-based economies.  

Our vision is to be a preferred training provider in South Africa. We provide customised, relevant training and development using innovative training solutions to achieve our vision. Our methodologies leads to valuable, relevant, and meaningful training for all.

Our critical focus as a training company is to always innovative, empower, and motivate through our learning and development products. Our courses include credit-bearing qualifications, skills programmes, and non-credit bearing workshops. We have a dedicated team of experts in all departments who are passionate about learning and development.

Our core products are face-to-face instructor-led training and virtual instructor-led training.  Because of the innovations in the learning and development arena, we are increasing our self-directed digital courses in the form of eLearning and microlearning products.

Brainfood is our new and exciting digital product brand. The courses provide opportunities to learn no matter where you are and on any device.  Ultimately, we enable and empower employees to become the competitive differentiator for their organisations.

Our Brainfood products introduce four key areas suitable for digital, self-directed learning. Courses on Brainfood encourage self-improvement and skills development and aim to increase your skills, knowledge, behaviours, and values at work. Some of the skills are transferrable across various job functions or even in your personal life.

If you engage in learning, you can increase your knowledge, and we believe that knowledge itself is power. So, check out our key learning areas for our digital products.

Our Key Learning Areas


The courses in this learning area aim to improve critical skills and knowledge for people moving from the World of Education (WOE) to the World of Work (WOW).

Courses in this range of digital products are foundational and fundamental courses that prepare you to enter the workplace and thrive at what you do. Some courses are directed at unemployed youth and provide essential skills to integrate into your entry into the workplace. Concepts explored are also refreshers to revitalise what you already know.

These courses also function as upskilling, reskilling, and cross-skilling interventions to continuously improve employees in today’s innovative environment.


The goals of future skilling are to improve your ability to be adaptable, flexible, innovative, and manage change in the complex and ever-changing workplace.

The way we work has changed, and embracing change and innovations helps you become relevant and resilient amid change.   Future skills courses empower skills development and enhance how you engage in problem-solving and self-organisation, and learn to apply many future-fit skills. The methods provided aim to improve cognitive, motivation, and social skills to cope with the changing workplace landscape.  


Behaviours, attitudes, values, ethics, and integrity are critical skills in the workplace. Our microlearning courses aim to provide you with a valuable learning experience to become the best version of yourself. As stated earlier, the ability to adapt to change and become resilient are essential character traits companies want.  

By learning these crucial behaviours and values, you become an asset to the company that employs you.


Transferability of skills and knowledge in the workplace is a vital requirement by all employment organisations. These skills are essential competencies on which a business depends—departments in a company and teams of the organisation require functional skills from employees to ensure that everyone achieves the business’s goals.

Your functional skills are the skills you must have to work in a specific area of the company—and these skills and abilities are the ones that you enjoy using the most. In addition, functional skills demonstrate your talents and provide personal job satisfaction at work.

These skills include hard and soft skills, which are complex competencies that aim to improve how you work, interact with others, and function as an efficient, effective, and productive business employee.